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12 Nurses Week Gifts Any Nurse Will Love

Nurses week is celebrated annually in May and is a wonderful time to give a gift to Nurse.

We’ve chosen our top 12 nurses week gifts, including gifts for Nurse Practitioners, Nurse gag gifts and RN gift ideas. Whether your’re looking for a funny gift, inspirational gift or sentimental gift, we’ve collated only the best gifts for nurses week.

Personalized Nurse Tumbler

nurses week gifts

This personalized Nurse tumbler is made of 100% food grade premium stainless steel. It holds 20oz of liquid inside the double walled canister and is wrapped in high quality outdoor vinyl to last for years.

You can customize and personalize everything when it comes to this tumbler – choose the vinyl color, text color, font, nurses title (whether they’re a RN or NP etc). These tumblers are created on demand to your specifications, making this a truly unique gift for any nurse.

Nurse Wine Glass

nurse glasses

This stemless wine glass says it all for the nurse who enjoys a glass of wine at the end of a big week. We’re sure all nurses would see the humor in this nurse wine glass, which is also dishwasher safe and printed with superior ceramic ink for permanency that will not fade or lose its glow.

Nurse Angel Figurine

nurse figurines

This nursing figurine with angel wings is intricately sculpted from stone resin. The message reads “Blessed is the Nurse: Compassionate healer and comforter of body and spirit.”

This nurse angel figurine would make a wonderful religious or sentimental gift for a nurse during nurses week.

Nurse Life Candle

nurse candle

Any nurse with a good sense of humor will love this scented candle by The Malicious Mermaid. There’s 13 amazing scents to choose from and 3 different sizes, these hand crafted candles are created on demand for a unique gift for nurses week.

With a truly hilarious caption.. “Nurse Life… Infused With Seeing More Private Parts Than A Hooker” we’re certain a nurse will chuckle at the comedy and relish in the decadent scent. These scented candles are a must buy for nurses week.

Beyond Blessed Nurses Week Gift

gifts for nurses

“Like an angel, you are dedicated to helping and caring for others. You are a bright light sharing your compassion, strength, skill and kindness. Your work comforts the heart and illuminates the beautiful side of the human spirit. Because of you, I am… Beyond Blessed”

Beautifully boxed this 4 inch x 2.25 inch silver finish angel is holding a heart that reads “blessed” and inscribed with “always an angel” on the skirt. If you truly want to express gratitude to a nurse for their caring heart and hands, this is a wonderful way to say thank you.

Nurse Coffee Mug

nurse coffee cups

This nurse coffee mug says it all! If your nursing friend or relative doesn’t have one of these hilarious nurse coffee mugs he or she needs one! A nurse can relate to this mug at some stage in their career, guaranteed.

This nurse coffee cup is also available in 5 colors and 2 sizes. This is a great choice for a gift for nurses week, and oh so true… sure to get a chuckle out of even the crankiest old nurse!

Nurse Gag Gift

These super funny sticky notes by Anne Taintor measure 3 inch square and are the perfect mix of smiling and sarcasm for any nurse. If you’re looking for a gag gift for nurses week, these sticky notes will bring a smile to her face for sure!

Willow Tree Angel

willow gifts

What a better way to say thank you than a lovely Willow Tree Angel. Boxed and ready to gift, this thank you angel is a wonderful choice for a caring nurse during nurses week.

Gifts for Male Nurses

funny nurse gifts

Male Nurses Know Where to Stick It. Printed in the USA and a funny gift for nurses, this male nurse t-shirt is sure to get a laugh out of anyone. Made from quality materials to last well, this male nurse t-shirt would make a great gift during nurses week.

Socks for Nurses

socks for nurses

These socks for nurses are a cute gift for any nurse or nursing student. Fits women’s shoe size 6 to 12 these socks are practical and comfortable and add a little quirky humor to brighten anyone’s day.

Nurse Notepad

nurse notepad

Another practical gift for nurses, nurse practitioners or nursing students is this nurse notepad. With modern colors any nurse young or old is sure to enjoy this notepad and pen set. it also makes a great gift for nurses week.

You may also like this nurse notepad too:

Nursing Prayers

nursing prayers

A Nurse’s Touch, A Prayer and Devotional for Nurses is an inspirational book to help nurses through challenging times emotionally, physically and spiritually.

A lovely keepsake any nurse can call on in a time of need, this inspiring book is an thoughtful and spiritual choice as a gift during nurses week.

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