Gifts for Welders

Welding can be a difficult trade, so we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for welders. Whether the welder you are buying for is experienced or just starting out, they’re sure to appreciate these welding gifts, no matter the occasion.

Welding Umbrella

welding umbrella

This Black Stallion welding umbrella is made from flame resistant materials making it perfect for beginner welders and veterans alike. Its 7.5 inch diameter also makes it great for team work, being able to fit 2 people underneath it. With its high quality materials blocking out 98% of harmful UV rays, you can be sure that sun won’t interfere with their welding.

Funny Welding T-Shirts

This “I welded It helded” tee is perfect for both the aspiring welder and advanced welder – both of which are sure to get a laugh out of this one! Being primarily made from a lightweight durable cotton. Coming in all different shapes, sizes and colors. You can be sure the welder will love their new shirt.

It goes great with this funny hoodie as well.

Lincoln Electric Welders Backpack

This Lincoln Electric, Welders backpack is a great choice for a welder. Being made from military grade materials it’s tougher than most welding backpacks. It smart design makes it able to carry over 50 lbs of things. Let your welder stay close to the action with this tough welding backpack, an no doubt, on any welders wish list for Birthday, Christmas, or just because.

Metal Man Welding Helmet

This Stylish welding helmet is great for all types of welders. It comes with an auto darkening feature as well as a variable shade visor. With this welding helmets stylish skull design the your welder can stand out from the crowd.

Caiman Welding Gloves

welding gloves

These tough Caiman deerskin welding gloves are an excellent gift for any welder. The gloves are extremely strong being sown with Kevlar for the upmost amount of strength. This allows these welding gloves to be used in the harshest of conditions and still persevere intact. Whether getting a gift for a beginner welder or an experienced welder they will appreciate these gloves.

Tungsten Grinder

tungsten grinders

Tungsten grinders help to sharpen tig welders to create better penetrating welds that are stronger and neater looking. A sharper tig welder eliminates arc wander on corners and increase control and stability. With engineered points to ensure consistent welds at certain angles, any welder is going to love how neat their welds look and how simple using the Eastwood Tungsten Grinder is. Described as a must have for any tig welder, creating a perfect diamond point. Check it out below for a welding gift any welder will love.