gifts for new drivers

Gifts for New Drivers

If you know someone who’s just got their license, you might be tempted to buy them a safety related gift. But is that what they really want? Here’s our top 5 gifts for new drivers (that aren’t books on how to stay safe on the road)…

Funny Gifts for New Drivers

you got your driver's license kit

Any gamer who just got their license is sure to get a laugh out of this t-shirt! Even if mom and dad don’t. Be the cool person who gifts this shirt to a new driver and watch them wear it with pride. You never know, it might just be true!

Steering Wheel Laptop Holder

car desk

This steering wheel laptop holder is a super practical gift for any new driver. As long as you’re not driving, this double sided multi function steering wheel laptop holder turns your steering wheel into an instant table. It’s double sided – one side is used to hold a laptop and a pen, the other side holds a drink and your lunch.

Flip it over depending on your needs. It’s easy to mount either on the steering wheel, or on the back of the car seat if you’re in the back. This is a great gift any new driver will love.

Dash Cam With Parking Mode

dash cam parking mode

This dash cam has got the lot, and at a reasonable price too.

Full high definition 1080P mini dash camera that won’t obstruct the drivers vision. Works both day and night with Sony technology to clearly capture road signs and license plates at any hour.

Includes a 24 hour parking monitor with collision detection even when the car is off. Loop recordings overwrite old recordings and a sensor locks footage if there is a sudden shake or collision so it cannot be overwritten.

Includes an 18 month warranty and many other features, this is a worthwhile buy for any driver, but would make an excellent gift for new drivers.

Guardian Angel Car Visor Clip

car visor clip

“Protect me, my passengers and all who pass by, with a steady hand and a watchful eye”.

This sweet guardian angel is a car visor clip with a protector message and would make a wonderful spiritual or sentimental gift for a new driver.

Best Car Wax Sealant

spray wax

No white residue or streaks with this hybrid wax sealant, a great gift for new drivers who love to shine their car.

Spray it on, wipe it off for a deep shine, slick surface and longer lasting protection for your car. If your new driver doesn’t love this product, CarGuys will give a full refund. It’s made in the USA and can be used on the inside of the car too.

Girly Car Seat Covers

girly car seat covers

They’re a little girly, with a little bit of sass and sure to impress any new driver who loves leopard print!

These eye catching car seat covers are made from a durable velvet fabric with a foam backing. They’re breathable, washable and comfortable, not to mentioned well priced.

There’s also the matching steering wheel cover and floor mats if you want to go all out on a gift for a new driver!

If the new driver you know is a real girly girl, they might like these:

And she’ll definitely need this… (available in 7 different colors):

Automotive Vacuum

car vacuum that plugs into lighter

This is one of those super practical gifts that the new driver doesn’t realize they need, but can’t live without once they have it.

This automotive vacuum cleans your car like a pro, without the added expense. It’s got all the right attachments to clean every nook and cranny of your car and will reach every spot with the long 16ft power cord.

It comes packed in a carry bag to store neatly in your car, and works by plugging into your 12V adaptor. No batteries or extension cords required. There’s 6 color options to choose from too.

Guardian Angel Keychain

guardian angel keychain

Okay, so we were trying to avoid the safety related gifts, but this one is a sweet sentiment and gentle reminder not to speed when driving. Plus, it holds keys. Which any new driver will need. Why not gift them this delightful keychain with a wish that they remain true to this heartfelt message.

Unique License Plate Frames

personalized license plate frames

Give a unique gift to any new driver with these custom license plate frames. Crafted from 100% heavy duty stainless steel, these license plate frames will probably last longer than the new drivers first car!

Made to fit every 12 x 6 license plate in the USA and Canada, these unique license plate frames won’t rust or fade. All you need are the screws to fix it to the car.

Essential Oil Diffuser for Cars

car air diffuser

For anyone concerned about chemical fragrances used in commercial air fresheners, this essential oil diffuser for the car is the perfect gift. Drop a few drops of essential oils on the felt pad every few days and your car will be filled with the delightful aromatic fragrance, and no nasty chemicals to breathe in.

Beautifully boxed to give as a gift for new drivers, this essential oil diffuser for cars is made from 316L Grade Stainless Steel, protected by felt pads on the back so it doesn’t rub against the car and available in both the tree of life or flower print (as shown).

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