gifts for anxiety sufferers

Gifts for People with Anxiety

According to the World Health Organization, anxiety affects almost 1 in 5 people, and around 40 million people in the world. If someone you know suffers anxiety, choosing a thoughtful gift can often be a difficult task. The last thing you want to do is give a gift that draws attention to their anxiety or makes them feel uncomfortable about living with anxiety.

We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for people with anxiety. We’re certain you’ll feel good about giving any one of these items as a gift, which may also help to relieve anxiety symptoms.

Buddha Board

where to buy buddha board

The original Buddha Board is a Japanese style of art where you paint with water and a bamboo brush. Whatever you are feeling at that moment you paint on the surface of the Buddha Board with water and your creation will boldly come to life. As the water evaporates the image will disappear, symbolizing letting go and releasing anxiety.

The Buddha Board is our top pick for items to help with anxiety and would make a wonderful gift for anyone looking to practice the art of mindfulness.

Anxiety Bracelets

anti anxiety bracelet

This set of three adjustable anxiety bracelets feature rose quartz, amethyst and tiger’s eye with lava rocks to absorb essential oils.

Tiger’s Eye promotes mental clarity and dispels fear and anxiety. Amethyst alleviates sadness and grief and helps to dissolve negativity. Rose Quartz promotes self love and inner healing.

These three anxiety bracelets are stored in a satin bag and beautifully boxed ready to gift. This is a thoughtful anxiety relief gift for women, that we are sure she’ll love and appreciate for a long time to come.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

calming oils

An ultrasonic diffuser is a must have for anyone with anxiety. This ultrasonic diffuser set includes 10 essential oils. The diffuser also has 7 ambient light modes with two different intensity settings. This ultrasonic diffuser will help to create a calming atmosphere for any anxiety sufferer, with the added powerful effects of pure essential oils.

There’s also safety features such as an auto shut off when the water is low, and a timer to run for one, three or six hours. This ultrasonic diffuser can also double as a humidifier for dry air. For anyone looking for a stress relief or anxiety relief gift, this is ultrasonic diffuser and essential oil set is a great choice.

Mindfulness Cards

affirmation cards

This stress less card set contains 50 mindfulness and meditation cards to assist with stress and anxiety. In a compact box, this set can be carried with the user wherever they go for instant techniques to manage anxiety, remain calm and empower themselves.

These mindfulness cards may also help with insomnia, and are a great gift to add into an anxiety care package or gift to a friend with anxiety.

These affirmation cards are also a brilliant choice as a gift for people with anxiety. They’ve received 4.8 out of 5 star reviews on Amazon and are decorated with the most gorgeous elephant illustration. Check them out here:

Tea for Anxiety

tea for stress

This calming tea was designed to respond to two autoimmune symptoms – anxiety and stress. 100% organic, GMO free, gluten free, caffeine free, paleo and fair trade certified the all natural ingredients in this tea for anxiety help to relieve the body of stress and promote mental and physical well-being.

Gift this tea for anxiety to any anxiety sufferer and enjoy a calming cup together.

Calming Herbal Tea Cup Set

best tea for anxiety

This charming Chinese inspired herbal tea infuser set is perfect to gift with anti anxiety tea. Available in 7 different colors and patterns this porcelain tea set includes the cup, saucer, lid and loose leaf tea infuser.

Any anxiety sufferer is sure to feel a sense of calm sipping tea from such a beautifully crafted piece. Combined with the tea for anxiety, this makes a wonderful choice for gifts for people with anxiety.

Summer Weighted Blanket

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A sensory blanket, weighted blanket or anxiety blanket is a thoughtful gift to help improve the sleep quality of any anxiety sufferer. A common complaint with weighted blankets however, is that they can get too hot. We’ve found a 20lb weighted blanket for summer and winter with two different duvet covers.

Available in four colors – carbon gray, light gray, navy blue and white, these weighted blankets are a great gift for both men and women who suffer with anxiety. With the addition of two duvet covers, this anxiety blanket can be used all year round and have proven a massive hit with anxiety sufferers.

Helping Your Anxious Child

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This super cute anti anxiety journal for teens is a really practical gift for people with anxiety.

With coping strategies, guided self assessment pages, self awareness charts, anxiety and depression trackers, anxiety debrief pages and so much more this anti anxiety journal will help your anxious child or someone you know manage anxiety and promote a life they desire.

It’s also a really great price, making this an awesome gift for people with anxiety.

If you know someone who loves to journal, make sure you also check out our gifts for journalers post for some fantastic journal accessories that will really make their day!

Here’s another fantastic choice for helping your anxious child or teen:

Happiness Book

books that make you feel good

This happiness book, You Can Do All Things, is aimed at sufferers of anxiety and depression. It features whimsical colorful art, encouragement expressions, guides for dealing with anxiety and depression, validation and understanding of anxiety and depression and some super cute animals that believe in you and will make you smile.

This is a great gift for people with anxiety, whether it be adults, teens or children, there’s something to help everyone in this happiness book.

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