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Gifts for After Surgery or Hospital

Post surgery, our loved ones are in for a difficult period. From surgery recovery to the physical pain, there are a lot of factors that make this situation worse. We, at A Brilliant Gift, understand the importance of recovering fast. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of gifts, essentials, and fun stuff to make surgery recovery faster and more bearable.

After Surgery Gifts – The Quick List

Here is the quick list of after surgery gifts for your friends, family or associates. Scroll down the page further for explanations on each gift, what makes it a great choice and why it made this list.

Ginger Bee Get Well Soon Gift Basket Ginger Bee Get Well Soon Gift Basket
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Sunbeam XL Heating Pad Sunbeam XL Heating Pad
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Large Print Sudoku - On The Bright Side You Don't Have to Wear a Cone Large Print Sudoku – On The Bright Side You Don’t Have to Wear a Cone
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Bed Wedge Pillow for Sleeping and Reading Bed Wedge Pillow for Sleeping and Reading
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Funny Tumbler Funny Tumbler
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Positive Energy Blanket 12 Colors Positive Energy Blanket 12 Colors
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Get Well Care Package Get Well Care Package
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Hug Blanket

gifts for someone recovering from surgery

This ultra plush blanket is available in an array of colors and sizes and a thoughtful gift for after surgery. With positive and uplifting words, the receiver of the blanket will be reminded of your warm hugs and caring thoughts even when you can’t be with them.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

after surgery gifts

Technically this is a wine tumbler, and perhaps after your friend or relative has recovered from surgery they may like to use it for that. In the meantime, it will hold any hot or cold beverage and includes a lid and a straw – perfect for sipping fluids and keeping hydrated after surgery.

The best part – the message! Sure to get a laugh from anyone who has a sense of humor, this funny gift will help put a smile on someone’s face as they recover from surgery.

Get Well Soon Care Package

surgery gift basket

This post surgery care package covers every emotion your friend or relative may experience after surgery.

With cookies to sooth the sweet tooth, crackers and snack mix for energy, mints to keep fresh breath, tissues to wipe away tears, antibacterial wipes for germ free hands a large water bottle to stay hydrated and playing cards, checkers and puzzle book to keep away boredom. This fabulous care package even includes the pen.

If you need an all in one gift, or something that’s easy to post if you can’t deliver it in person, this after surgery care package makes an ideal gift.

Surgery Care Package for Guys

gifts for men after surgery

Guys need pampering too. This man can grooming kit is a great way to make him feel better after surgery. Includes soap, shave gel, bay rum oil and hand butter wonderfully packaged in a paint can for a unique twist.

Recovery Gift Puzzle Book

This Sudoku puzzle book with solutions has large print for easy reading after surgery. With a funny cover to bring a smile to any patient recovering from surgery, this is an inexpensive, humorous gift that can be given alone or bundled into a care package.

On The Bright Side You Don't Have To Wear A Cone: 100 Easy Puzzles ~ In Large Print ~ Get Well Soon Theme

Get Well Basket Ideas

sick care package

Here’s another get well gift basket or care package that is filled with practical gifts to keep someone occupied as they recover from surgery.

With lots of coloring and puzzle books to keep them occupied, healthy snacks for energy and recovery right down to a chap stick for dry lips that are so common after surgery or when in hospital. This get well gift idea is lovingly packaged by hand and sure to please both the giver and the receiver.

Bed Wedge Pillow

best wedge pillow after surgery

This may not be the fanciest gift, but in terms of practicality the bed wedge pillow is an excellent choice for a post surgery gift. Providing the upper body with support it can assist with post surgery pain, reflux, snoring or provide a more comfortable position than trying to prop pillows behind your back.

Made from high density memory foam for the ultimate support post surgery, the cover is also removable and washable for easy cleaning.

Large Heating Pad

gifts for hospital patients

This extra large heating pad measures 24 inches long x 12 inches wide to cover larger areas of the body.

With a 9 foot power cord, 4 heat settings and a 5 year warranty, this large heating pad would make a great gift for after surgery that the recipient is sure to continue to use for years to come.

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