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15 Japanese Gifts for Any Lover of Japan

If you know someone who loves Japan or Japanese themes, why not make their day with a Japanese themed gift?

Whether reminiscing about the time spent in Japan, or a lover of Japanese culture, you don’t need to go shopping in Japan for a Japanese gift.

Here’s our top Japanese Gifts for 2021:

Japanese Gifts for Her

Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

This beautiful bonsai tree starter kit is a wonderful Japanese Gift idea for her.

Grow four different types of stunning bonsai trees in the bonsai starter kit, which also includes a premium pot and pretty pink tree trimmers.

This bonsai tree started kit is affordably priced and beginner friendly, making it our top choice for a Japanese gift for her!

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Insulated Bamboo Travel Tea Mug

Green Tea is a staple in Japan, and you can’t go wrong gifting this stylish Bamboo Insulated Travel Mug.

Offering short term or long term tea infusion with the included tea diffuser, or use with a tea bag, this vacuum insulated travel mug will keep your tea hot for 12 hours.

Alternatively, fill it with cold tea during summer for a refreshing drink that will stay ice cold all day.

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Japanese Lucky Cat Shirt

A Japanese Lucky Cat shirt is a great Japanese gift for her. This v-neck, short sleeve shirt is pre-shrunk, soft to touch and printed with highly crack resistant vibrant ink.

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Japanese Gifts for Him

Japanese Tanto

A Japanese Tanto is an excellent choice when searching for a Japanese Gift for him.

What we love even more about this stainless steel knife is its corrosion resistance, 10 year warranty and 100% money back guarantee.

This Japanese tanto is also very reasonably priced, making it an affordable Japanese gift for him.

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Samurai Art

Turn a blank wall into a statement with this incredible 3 piece Samurai Art wall canvas.

If you know someone who’s into samurai, martial arts or gaming (and loves Japanese gifts) this will surely be the best choice for a Japanese gift for him.

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Traditional Japanese Clothing


A Yukata is a Japanese Kimono for men or women and another suitable choice as a Japanese gift. Available in 3 different styles and includes the kimono robe and belt. Any lover of Japan or Japanese clothing will certainly love these Yukata’s we’ve chosen below:

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These stunning 100% cotton Yukata for women are made in Japan, and will be shipped to your directly from Japan. If you’re looking for a Japanese gift for her, a Yukata or Japanese Kimono is a wonderful choice. Check out the range of colors – they’re amazing!

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Samue can either be worn as casual attire or winter pajamas. The fabric is a denim and adorned with amazing Japanese prints on the back. Our top choice is the Navy Raijin Waves featured below, but check out the other styles available for more choices.

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A Jinbei set is so comfortable you might be tempted to wear it outside of the house!

These sets are 100% cotton and perfect as a Japanese gift reminiscent of the humid summer nights in Japan. These sets are available in a variety of colors and up to size 4XL.

We are sure any lover of Japanese traditional clothing will adore this jinbei!

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Japanese Wedding Gift

Japanese Money Envelope

A stunning handcrafted Japanese money envelope is perfect to place money inside and give as a Japanese wedding gift.

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Japanese Tableware

Japanese Sushi Plate Set

This beautiful Japanese dinnerware set is designed and made in Japan and comes packaged ready to gift in a lovely gift box.

Crafted from quality porcelain and fired at high temperatures for better resistance to cracks, stains and scratches.

Adorned with a dragonfly, a traditional Japanese symbol of power, agility and victory, any lover of Japan will fall in love with this stunning Japanese dinnerware set.

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Ramen Bowl Set

This is an authentic style Japanese ceramin ramen bowl set. Just like the restaurants in Japan, these 60oz ramen bowls hold a generous portion of soup and noodles without overflowing or spilling.

The traditional Japanese styled chopsticks and spoons are a wonderful compliment to the ramen bowls and are included with this set. We are certain any lover of Japanese ramen would be delighted to receive this ramen bowl set as a gift.

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Japanese Bowl

This Japanese bowl and chopsticks set is perfect for dumplings, noodles or rice.

What sets these Japanese bowls apart are the unique chopstick rest, allowing you to rest the chopsticks across the bowl rather than sticking them into the food – a sign of bad luck in many Asian cultures.

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Japanese Kitchen Knives

For the serious Japanese cooking enthusiast, they’ll need the best Japanese chef knives.

This 5 piece Japanese Chef Knife set is crafted from 73 layers of Damascus steel with a solid wood handle.

Boxed and ready to give as a gift, or also available in a knife block set, this Japanese Chef Knife set includes a Chef knife, Vegetable knife, Santoku knife, Sashimi knife, Kitchen utility knife.

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Washi Paper

Washi paper is traditionally used to craft origami in Japan. This lovely washi paper box set contains 30 designs of 3 inch square paper for making small origami figures. In total there are 360 washi papers in the package. Any lover of Origami will be thrilled with this washi paper.

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If you’re looking for larger washi paper, take a look at the 5.9 inch square washi paper below. Also made in Japan, this traditional washi paper has a cloth like feel for authentic origami crafting.

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Japanese Candle

This set of 100% pure soy wax Japanese candles would make a wonderful gift for a Japanese student or any lover of the Japanese culture.

Adored with Japanese Geisha designs and with 4 delightful Japanese essential oil fragrances, these Japanese candles burn for around 25 hours each. Boxed and ready to gift, these Japanese Candles really are the perfect gift set.

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A decorative ceramic container hand painted with gold accents holds a double wicked candle with a Japanese quince fragrance. This stunning candle burns for 100 hours and will fill the room with the divine scent of Japanese quince.

Once the candle has burnt, the recipient is left with a gorgeous ceramic container to hold their trinkets, a reminder this Japanese candle was one of the best gifts they’ve ever received!

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